Coping With And Repairing After Storm Damage

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There is quite possibly nothing more upsetting than weathering the storm and stepping outside to see your home did not fare as well as you did. Storms can be tricky and have a hit or miss pattern. As you stand curbside looking at your house and the rest of the houses on your block you may be left wondering why your house and how did your neighbor’s home survive this unscathed? There is not a solid answer for this, nature picks and chooses, but once the storm has passed, you are now left with some crucial decisions to make about bringing your home back to its previous state of well-being. Now you must have storm damage repair done on your home. You will need to reach out to roofing companies in Minneapolis to receive quotes on the necessary repairs.

What Are The First Steps To Take When You Notice Storm Damage?

Once you have come out and noticed the storm damage, you will need to assess the inside of your home. During a storm, large pieces of debris can become trajectory objects and cause punctures to your roof and siding. Hail can also cause quite extensive damage to your windows, siding, and shelter. A simple inspection of your inner attic will safely show you if any environmental penetration has occurred. If there are no holes, then water will not be able to access your home. If there are holes, you will need to definitely get on your roof and have a tarp laid across those holes to prevent animals and water from entering your home.

When your home is secure, you can relax a little bit and begin focusing on getting the damage permanently repaired. Your homeowners’ insurance policy typically covers storm damage repair. You will need to call your insurance agent and get the specifics of your insurance coverage. Your insurance agent will be able to give you all of the information on your deductible, and they may also have select roofing companies that they prefer working with. If your agent does not have a recommendation for you, then you will need to find local roofing companies in Minneapolis that will be able to come out promptly and evaluate the storm damage. Bruggeman Builders have been a trusted Minneapolis based roofing company since 1959. A complete list of our services for residential homes and commercial properties can be found directly on our website at https://www.bruggeman-exteriors.local.

What Do You Do Once You Have Contacted Your Preferred Roofing Company?

When you decide to contact your favorite roofing company for repairs, you will need to have a bit of information on hand to help them remain informed on the type of job they will be assessing. First, you will need to give them your address and let them know the extent of the storm damage. If you have not been on the roof but have only performed an inside examination from the interior of the attic you will need to let them know about that. You will need to make them aware of the date and time of the storm and if you have reached out to your insurance company. In many cases, an insurance appraiser will come out to evaluate the damage and deem whether the homeowners’ insurance plan will cover it or not. The roofing company will then send a specialist out to examine your roof and provide you with an estimate of the cost of work to be performed. The roofing company will also need to be made aware of the type of roof that you currently have on your home.

What Types Of Roofs Can Receive Damage?

Any roof can receive damage from a storm. You must make sure the roof repair or Installation Company is able to provide services to shingle or metal roofs. Metal roofing in Minneapolis is standard because of the longevity of the metal. Metal roofing in Minneapolis can withstand the oppressive summer heat as well as the drastic temperature changes and excessive snowfall during the winter months. The life expectancy on metal roofing in Minneapolis is more extended than typical shingle-style roofing. Metal roofing is more susceptible to hail damage during dangerous storms. Roofing companies in Minneapolis are accustomed to repairing roofs that fall victim to blown off shingles due to high winds or extreme dents produced by a golf ball or larger sized hail.

What Can Be Expected During The Installation Of A New Roof?

When your claim is approved, and your roof is scheduled to be replaced or repaired, there are a few things you should prepare for. The day of repair or installation can be quite noisy. If you have small children or sound-sensitive pets in your home, you will want to make alternative plans for them. Naps will be disrupted, and nerves may be frayed a bit. A day at a friend or neighbor’s house would be best if you cannot handle the banging noise during the installation of your roof. Your car will not be able to be parked in your driveway. Roofing companies usually bring in dumpsters to safely haul away all roof rubbish. Once the job is complete your roofer will do a thorough job of searching for any nails that may have fallen into your hard or onto your driveway. It does not hurt to do a second inspection of your property before you bring your vehicle back onto the driveway. The entire process only takes one day, so it will not be a long term disruption in your life.

There is nothing that you can do that will prevent your home from needing storm damage repair. During bad weather months, you should always have a safety plan intact and familiarize yourself with your homeowners’ insurance policy. You may get lucky and avoid damage the entire time you live in your home, or the storm may hit, and you will have to roll with the punches and have the necessary repairs made. Bruggeman Exteriors will be there to help you through each step of the repair or replacement process.


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